FACE IT…and glow like never before!

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence” – Blake Lively

Well let’s face it…beautiful skin will boost that confidence! So here’s a quick overview of our offerings to put your best face forward.
First face the facts – determine your skin type! Our products are formulated in 3 general categories:

1 – Normal/Combination skin,
2 – Oily/Acneic skin,
3 – Dry/Dehydrated/Mature skin.

This is THE most important thing to know….so determine your skin type to better personalize your facial-care, after all you see yourself every day, so you got this? And listen, we’re not just making stuff that smells deeevine, we aim to improve the health and radiance of your skin. 
Our facial therapy systems are designed for you to customize your routine with products made from100% botanical and fruit extracts, essential oils and our signature ingredient –Goat’s Milk…checkout our previous blogs for the benefits and value of this superpower…WooHoo! You know what this means right? Natural goodness aaaalll ova yo face, in 5 easy to follow steps.

Like every great artist, start with a clean canvas…. Step 1: Cleanse

In general our cleanser is a facial care product used to remove pollutants from the skin of the face. It helps to unclog pores and aid in preventing conditions like acne. From our aJjivas’ Face It Series we offer 2 cleansers; an exfoliating cleanser and a makeup remover/facial cleanser. Additionally, our aJjiva Apothecary soaps offer an exfoliating cleanse, gentle enough for the face (wink). Your skin type will
determine the type of cleanser you use.

Let’s set the tone…Step 2: Tone

aJjivas’ Toners are created to help reawaken and balance the skin’s pH, remove build-up or residual product and close your pores. Remember those ‘facts we faced’ earlier? It is imperative to “determine your skin type” before selecting a toner! Peak up top at the 3 types….it’s not rocket science…but it is important to remember your skin type for the best results. We can help if you’re unsure.

Trick or Treat-ment? Definitely treatment….Step 3: Treatment

This is the true nectar of your facial-care. This step provides your skin with the restoration and revitalization it deserves. aJjivas’ Face It series offers a wide range of treatments; specifically masks, serums, peels/exfoliation, and neutralizers. To achieve the best results from a treatment you must also know your skin-type…hhmm…where have we heard this before?

Keep clam and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize….Step 4: Moisturize

Moisturizers are an essential part of every skin-care routine. Just as our bodies require us to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, so does our skin. aJjivas’ moisturizers perks up your skin giving you a healthy fullness, decreases the appearance and rate at which fine lines and wrinkles emerge. Sign me up! Just you wait…. what’s your skin type? That’s right, it matters here also! You thought I was kidding eh? I said it was a face fact and I am not joking. To choose the most beneficial moisture care yah gotta know what type of skin you’re moisturizing.

Fun in the sun….NOT!!…without protection…..Step 5: Protect

One notable benefit of sunscreen is that it protects your skin against harmful UV rays. However, uneven skin tone is one of the results of sun damage and daily sunscreen helps to prevent this effect. Opt for SPF30, or higher, as your first line of defense and protection for the final step in your skin-care routine. Guess what??? Your skin type doesn’t matter here….gotcha! Believe it or not, we all need this type defense.

So there ya have it! 5 simple steps….3 determining skin types…and a lotsa lotsa aJjiva goodness! Hey, before you know it you’ll be facing your own masterpiece in the mirror!

“Here’s looking at you kid” – Humphry Bogart….who?? Casablanca…What?? 1942…when?? ROTFDWL

I’ll be ‘facing-time’ with more details on these products and procedures, so stick around!



…who needs makeup, when you can glow naturally!
“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” – Harry Winston

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