Nik Nax -Jam with your Gems!

“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.”

–Michael Kors

How do you jazz up your style? Oh you simply need some Nik Nax! This jewelry collection dazzles with vibrant colours and trendsetting designs. If your get-up needs a little vavavoom? NikNax has all the vava and even more voom! These pieces are all handcrafted by our imaginative artisan to inspire a whimsical feeling of charisma, captivation and chic. Let’s break it down some more.

Now hear this, an earring is not just an earring from the Nik Nax collection!! It’s an exciting lure of cutting-edge designs, combined with brilliant colour coordination, artistically derived from thatch and other upcycled materials. There are long ones, short ones, and in between one…makes ya wanna be a bobblehead and just shake, shake, shake eh? No? Just me? Ookay!

So brace yourself for bracelets! How many do you want? Wrist to elbow? The options are endless. We’ve got beads and gemstones in every, and I mean eee-verr-reey colour of the rainbow…hey we could rainbow your arms…I digress; some with trinkets, some with tassels, some with shells, some with plaits, some twisted, some woven and even weaven…not a word…but you get mah drift. Oh the assortment is maddening…how can you possibly choose? That’s why I go wrist to elbow and gypsy my grove….bohemian much…yeeessss….I Nik Naxto my Boho soul!

Ring…ring…hello! We’ve got rings! Wear a ring that rings flamboyance and accentuates your style. Beautiful, distinctive, mesmerizing embellishments to the rest of your wear. Reach out and make a statement with confidence with a Nik Nax paddywhack, give a ring a bone….oops…where was I…yes, these rings sing flair and confidence.

Now here’s a reason to stick your neck out…Nik Nax Necklaces….aaahhh. Welcome to our neck of the woods, these neckless’ are so vivacious they transform sackcloth and ashes to runway chic. Sometimes all you need is a splash of colour. Capricious contrasting colours woven using up cycle materials creates attention without effort, who doesn’t want that? Neck kisses…just saying.

Step into your piece of fun and fancy. Anklet allure! You can jingle and jangle with chains of charming charms and chachkies, or stand boldly with delicately beaded adornment. May your feet take you where your heart wants to go. Jazz up your steps and put your fashionable foot forward! Nik Nax anklets makes happy feet…jump for joy!

So every piece tells a story…write your own story! Be uniquely you. Stand out. Be colourful. Be your own kinda beautiful. Be bold. Reflect your own style…get your Nik Nax grove onguuurl!

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” –Rachel Zoe


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